Efficient. Digital. Client Engagement.

Improve client acquisition, team productivity and share of wallet.

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Financial firms spend too much on:

  • phone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings
  • predicting client's next move
  • manual data entry

With Eltropy, you can have:

  • trackable conversations through messaging
  • clean, structured data for predictive analytics
  • automation and integration with your systems

Sales and Marketing, can you easily?

  • access and share relevant collateral?
  • forecast buyer engagement?
  • see which collateral is most effective?

With Eltropy, you can

  • organize and share easily from any device
  • track buyers' time spent and interest
  • use real time alerts to close deals

Solar companies, are you challenged with?

  • getting required documents back on time?
  • customer acquisition costs?
  • lengthy sales cycles?

With Eltropy, you can

  • automate document completion
  • increase lead conversion
  • eliminate waiting and document re-work


Eltropy Inc. announces its selection to present at Finovate Spring 2017
Eltropy, a client engagement platform, has been selected to present at the FinovateSpring 2017 conference in San Jose. Eltropy CEO Ashish Garg and VP of Sales Troy Pittock will demonstrate technology that integrates into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics environments to improve financial institutions' share of wallet and employee efficiency using 'conversational commerce' over the messaging channels that clients prefer most.
Eltropy announces the Solar industry's first Customer Portal solution to simplify solar buying
Eltropy introduces "Solar Customer Portals", a technology platform for solar installers that improves their customer experience, boosts referrals and grows sales with greater efficiency. Simple for contractors to deploy, customer portals on the Eltropy platform enable installers to maintain complete control of their branding, sales process and customer relationships.
Eltropy Announces First-Ever Energy Sales Cloud App for Salesforce
Eltropy introduces Energy Sales Cloud, a Salesforce app that simplifies and accelerates the selling process for Solar companies.The app and the underlying Eltropy platform eliminate the complexity, manual tasks, paperwork, and friction of the traditional solar selling process. Solar companies, partners and dealers that have built their sales operations around Salesforce can leverage the Energy Sales Cloud.

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