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Text Messaging for Credit Unions

Eltropy is committed to serving Credit Unions of all sizes during good times, bad times and all times in between. Our solution is ideal for all asset sizes and helps all Credit Unions provide the best member experience. Tough times never last, but relationships prevail. Eltropy is here to help. 

Ashish Garg

Co-founder & CEO, Eltropy

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It’s All in a Name: The Meaning of Eltropy

When Ashish Garg and Chandra Bhople got together in 2013 to create “The Best Text Messaging Solution for Credit Unions,” they wanted to build something that reflected their love of education but in a very focused, non-chaotic manner. They combined their significant educational backgrounds to create a communication solution that

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Georgetown Kraft CU

Serving our members is our number one priority and Eltropy helps us serve them where they are, when they need us most. Having the capability to reach them on their phones was ideal because many people were away from their work, therefore email and phone contact were unavailable.

Nikki Ewing

Nikki Ewing

VP of Marketing

Donna Beringer, President, Carolina FCU
Texting has been a great asset during this time when we have employees working from home.
Donna Beringer


carolina fcu text messaging eltropy
It has allowed them to continue to communicate with members without having to provide their cell or home phone numbers. The members have been very responsive and feel safe sharing information because of the verification feature.
Text Messaging for Credit Unions

They have worked tirelessly to ensure we can accomplish our goals for our members and have provided great comfort to us in this crazy time of uncertainty.

Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn


Once the COVID-19 pandemic started gripping the world, we knew we must expedite our plans for enabling text messaging for our members here in the Willamette Valley. Eltropy was an obvious partner due to its focus on service, innovation, commitment to security, and strong industry record. Since signing with Eltropy, CWCU has experienced top-notch treatment. The level of service and communication with the Eltropy team has been beyond what we could have hoped for. 

Text Messaging for Credit Unions

Idaho Central Credit Union is grateful for our partnership with Eltropy during these unprecedented times of change. 

Matt McEwen

Director of eCommerce

Because of our partnership, we have not only been able to continue our high level of commitment and service to our members, but we have been able to take that commitment to our members in more ways to ensure they know that we are here for them! Thank you Eltropy for such a great platform and product.

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