October 9, 2020

Employee Training Helps Credit Unions Stand Apart

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The vendors that Credit Unions select are reflections of how they do business. 

Vendors are often selected based on the various technological or member service needs they fulfill. However, those solutions are only productive and can only improve efficiency if the Credit Union staff is properly trained on how to use them. 

Great Training Boosts Morale
Technology can be equally perplexing for new employees straight out of school or more seasoned professionals who have seen various solutions come and go. One of the most important obligations a Credit Union has is to ensure its associates are properly trained. Only then can it be certain it is offering the best possible member experience.

Training should be offered to all Credit Union employees who work with a particular system. Customer service representatives, tellers, managers, loan officers and others can benefit from in-house training programs. When employees are trained well, their confidence grows. 

A confident workforce, which can rely on its employer to provide ongoing support and training, is one equipped to provide a high-quality member service. When employees feel positive about their workplace, they do good work. Training employees to be their best is a morale booster. And in every business, high levels of morale see greater employee retention. 

Better Communication
Trained staff tend to become more comfortable communicating not only within their departments, but also with other teams. Frequency of high quality communication increases and it’s more transparent and frequent, which means that any need for intervention or help can be quickly identified and addressed. 

Eltropy understands the importance of having a well trained workforce, and prepares its customers for success with Text Messaging solutions. Its Customer Success team is dedicated to providing the tools employees need to serve members, which results in Credit Unions experiencing a significant return on their investment. 

Credit Unions are often benefactors of their communities. For example, by offering a higher percentage of loans to minority-owned businesses than traditional banks, extending loan terms during Covid-19 and offering generally lower rates than other financial institutions. By selecting partners that provide thorough employee training, Credit Unions save time and related costs, enabling them to continue to invest back into their neighborhoods.

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