January 17, 2020

Lunch and Learn at NWCUA

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NWCUA Lunch & Learn - Eltropy for Credit Unions

Last week, Eltropy’s senior sales executive Mark Johnson led a Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Session for our industry partners at Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA) main office in SeaTac, WA. The session’s objective was to bring the team up to speed on Eltropy’s key differentiators as well as provide a competitive analysis to help educate credit unions in 2020. 

Mark touched upon the following differentiators during the insightful session:

TCPA Compliance

Eltropy offers an optimal text-to-join opt-in workflow. In fact, we closely follow regulations and promptly make adjustments to our software features as compliance requirements evolve over time.

Secure Messaging

With Eltropy, member personal identifiable information is uploaded and transmitted via a secure browser and trackable link.

Promotional Messaging

We provide a hosted short code that eliminates the need for a small/mid-market size credit unions to spend a ton of time and money set up.

Business Intelligence

Credit unions gain valuable insights into how members are consuming content and how they are taking action on text notifications.

Mark’s key points above drive home the fact that Eltropy provides a single solution for a credit union’s text messaging needs. He also touched upon the competitive landscape of similar text messaging solutions to emphasize Eltropy’s commitment to credit unions and passion for providing the best service to the industry.

The reception was unsurprisingly positive. Members of the NWCUA team were especially impressed with Eltropy’s ability to perform both promotional and informational messaging for credit unions. Additionally, Eltropy’s frictionless text-to-join and secure messaging for members helps increase TCPA-compliant opt-in numbers. Business intelligence gained from Eltropy’s dashboard was also a hit among attendees. 

Lunch and Learn at NWCUA - Mark Johnson from Eltropy
After an Insightful Lunch…

Interested in having a member of Eltropy’s team conduct an informational session for your association or credit union? Contact us today: hello@eltropy.com.

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