Text Queuing
for Credit Unions

Communicate Wait Times
Avoid Long Lines
Reduce Lobby Crowds
Simplify Social Distancing
Increase Efficiency
Gain Member Insight
For Starters
Text Queuing for Credit Unions
Text Queuing

Why Text Messaging?

No one likes waiting in long lines. Covid-19 is pushing businesses to rethink everyday processes. Credit Unions especially want to be helpful to its members during these tough times and Text Messaging can help Credit Unions effectively manage Queuing. 

Avoid Lines

No Lines

Limit Crowds

Limit Crowds

Wait in Car

Off-site Waiting

Why Eltropy?

IT System-ICN

Works with any IT System

Integrates seamlessly with your Core system to easily empower your Credit Union’s teams.


Simple yet Powerful

Works with any mobile device that has Text Messaging capabilities.


Gain Insights

Powerful Analytics dashboard provides insight into wait times, visits and engagement.


Stay Secure

Robust, Secure platform that helps you maintain Compliance with TCPA Guidelines.

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