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Text Payments with Eltropy

Text Messaging

Initiate text conversations with individual members or groups.

Two-way Texts

Quickly and efficiently engage with members with secure, compliant 1:1 text conversations.

Landline & Toll-free Texting

Streamline communication by enabling texting on existing landline or toll-free numbers.

Group Texts

Initiate group texting/SMS campaigns with opted-in members.

Text Alerts

Send loan application and debt payment reminders, loan status updates and more. 


Set auto replies when employees are unavailable or out of the office.

Ease of Use

Receive Instant alerts and assign conversations to employees as new messages appear.

Document Collection

Save time with easy and secure document collection process.

DocuSign via Text

Send documents over text for fast and secure e-sign.


Collect loan documents, driver’s licenses and more with a secure link sent via text.

Compliance & Security

Tools that help you navigate complicated compliance requirements.

Recorded Consent

Eltropy records all opt-ins and opt-outs to ensure compliance for sending group texts.

Consent Retention

Automatic updates to the Core system also reflect member opt-ins & opt-outs.

Business Intelligence

Real-time, comprehensive reporting and analytics help you raise member engagement to new levels.

In-depth Member Insight

See who has viewed content, how long they engaged, if they forwarded it and more. 


All member-facing teams can access member engagement reports & analytics anytime.

Content Management

Easy-to-use Smart CMS helps you choose the most relevant content to share.

Built-in CMS

Easily and efficiently share relevant content with members over text. This can increase the likelihood that content will be consumed.


Easily integrates with Google Drive, SharePoint and other content repository systems.


Quickly share relevant content with custom, editable text templates.

And much more features to come. We strive to constantly innovate.

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