Message with Purpose

Share Relevant Content to Increase Client Engagement & ROI Exponentially

In-Built CMS

Better Content Management

Eltropy provides an easy-to-use content repository that supports videos, images, Surveys, PPT, PDF and much more.

Easy integration into your current content management system.

Seamless experience for your client-facing teams to share content with clients over messages.

Track Content

Stay Ahead with Analytics

Eltropy’s real-time analytics allows businesses to track content consumption in order to follow-up with the most interested clients.

Embed a unique content link with each message to track client activity and drive business decisions.

24 data points provide insight into time spent viewing content, forwards and revisits to help predict client purchasing behavior.

Versatile Channels

Be Omnipresent

Share content over SMS, iMessage, email, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, iMessage and more

Timing is everything: Deliver the most relevant content at the right time to ensure higher engagement

Tag content and deliver across multiple channels to increase views, open rate and ROI.

Real Results

Increase in Client Engagement Metrics
Increased renewals, New Clients and Greater Revenue

Together We Can – Eltropy is Committed to Helping Credit Unions Best Serve Members During Covid-19

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It’s an exciting time for us at Eltropy and we are honored to have you aboard!

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