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Together We Can – Eltropy is Committed to Helping Credit Unions Best Serve Members During Covid-19

We Make it Work

Easy Integration Means Better Focus on Business Development

It is almost confusing to see how EASY Eltropy is to use.

Christopher Jones

AVP of Continuous Improvement

Seamless Processes

  • Eltropy’s messaging platform integrates easily into your Core Banking, CRM, and other IT systems -minimizing interruptions at your business
  • Eltropy Sales Analyzer App works within Salesforce to enable two-way messaging with secure content links and message archiving
  • Integrates into major core banking systems, including Symitar and Corelation
Seamless Integration Eltropy
Works Seamlessly with

Bridging Credit Unions with Members

“The setup and configuration with Episys was very straightforward. The documentation provided by Eltropy was very thorough and explained the setup process in detail, which made this one of the easiest SymXchange configurations we’ve had to do for a vendor.”

John Ryan
Information Services Director
CMS by Eltropy

Go Above and Beyond Your Current CMS

  • Eltropy merges file sources to simplify and unify content curation
  • Bogged down by multiple file versions? With Eltropy, the most recent files automatically replace outdated ones
  • Eltropy goes above and beyond your current CMS by providing analytics on how your content is consumed

Diverse Use Cases

These are just some of the ways your Credit Union can use Text Messaging to provide a better member experience.
Member Onboarding

Send an automatic text to welcome new members after an account is opened and recorded in your core system.

Recording Opt-ins

When a member texts to join opt-in list, record information in your core system or any other system of record. 

Fraud Alerts

When fraud is detected, send an automatic text and record the response.

Collection Payment Reminders

Collect payment due by sending reminder texts – record replies, send overdue payment notices, and more.

Anniversary Wishes

Make your members feel part of your CU family with special birthday or anniversary wishes. 

Together We Can – Eltropy is Committed to Helping Credit Unions Best Serve Members During Covid-19

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