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While We Help You Navigate Regulations & Compliance Requirements

Eltropy helps you to obtain member opt-ins required for promotional messages.

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We Answer Important Questions

How do we meet FCC/TCPA regulations?

Eltropy closely follows regulations and makes adjustments to its software features as SMS/messaging compliance requirements evolve over time.

What privacy, security controls do we need?

Each user (CU Employee) in Eltropy needs a unique username and password to get access to the platform. Eltropy also supports text-based Two Factor Authentication for additional security.

Eltropy has been endorsed by CUNA as the

“Best Text Messaging solution for Credit Unions”

based on our feature set for compliance and our sole focus on Credit Unions. More information about this endorsement is available in this public press release by CUNA

  • Eltropy closely follows TCPA’s evolution and interpretation so you don’t have to.