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Together We Can – Eltropy is Committed to Helping Credit Unions Best Serve Members During Covid-19

Privacy Policy

The following Eltropy privacy policy applies to data collected on domains. AWS, Microsoft, Mandrill and any other services contracted by Eltropy provide their own privacy policies covering Eltropy user data stored there.

As for Eltropy clients deploying on-premise, their corporate privacy policies supersede the policy below.

Changes to privacy policy

If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, Eltropy will post them on the website and send them to all users’ last email address given to Eltropy. Any changes will be effective as of either the date posted on or the email (whichever date is later). Users may object to any changes within 20 days after they’re posted or emailed, in which case none of the proposed changes will be effective with respect to information that Eltropy has already collected from the objecting user; but will apply only to information Eltropy collects in the future. Eltropy will not treat information of any open account differently from any other open account. If a user objects to changes in this privacy policy, Eltropy will accordingly terminate that user’s account. However, if this privacy policy ever changes to expand Eltropy’s rights to use or disclose personal information for marketing purposes, users will be able to opt out without termination.

Effective date

This privacy policy is effective with respect to any data that Eltropy collected, or collects, about and/or from any user, according to the terms of the Software License Agreement between Eltropy and customer. Eltropy account – With an Eltropy account, a user can sign into Eltropy services. When a user signs into an Eltropy account to access a service, Eltropy creates a record of that sign in.

Personal data collected

To operate effectively and provide users the best experiences with our services, Eltropy collects data on how and when our services are used. This information may include users’ and prospects’ IP address, time, date, browser used, and actions taken by a user within the application. Users provide some data directly, such as when inviting another user, sharing a topic with a prospect, uploading a collateral asset, or contacting Eltropy for support. Eltropy gets some of it by recording how users and prospects interact with Eltropy services by, for example, using technologies like cookies, and receiving error reports or usage data from software running on user devices. By giving Eltropy this information, users and prospects consent to their information being collected, used, disclosed, and stored by Eltropy, only as described in the Software License Agreement between Eltropy and customer and in this privacy policy. Eltropy may also obtain data from third parties (including other companies).

List and email information

When users share collateral using an email Distribution List or an email with Eltropy, Eltropy has access to the data on the list and the information in the email. Users’ distribution lists are stored on a secure MailChimp server. Eltropy does not, under any circumstances, sell users’ lists, market to people on such lists, or share such lists with any other party, unless required by law. If someone on a user’s list complains or contacts Eltropy, Eltropy may then contact that person. Only authorized employees have access to view Distribution Lists. Users may export (download) the list of their invitees from Eltropy at any time, as long as Eltropy has a copy.

How data is used

Eltropy uses collected data to provide users services, which includes using data to improve and personalize users’ experiences. Eltropy may also may use the data to communicate with users; for example, informing about one’s account, security updates and product information. Eltropy may also use data to help make the insights shown to users more relevant. However, Eltropy does not use the information in emails to prospects or uploaded collateral to target ads to users.

Reasons for sharing personal data

Eltropy shares a user’s personal data with their consent or as necessary to complete any transaction or provide any service the user has requested or authorized. Eltropy also shares data with vendors working on our behalf; when required by law or to respond to legal process; to protect our customers; to protect lives; to maintain the security of our services; and to protect the rights or property of Eltropy.

User access and control of personal data

Users can view or edit their own personal data online for many Eltropy services. Users can also make choices about Microsoft’s collection and use of their data. How users can access or control their personal data will depend on which services they use.

Cookies and similar technologies

Eltropy uses cookies (small text files placed on users’ and prospects’ devices) and similar technologies to provide services and help collect data. Cookies allow Eltropy, among other things, to store user preferences and settings; enable users to sign-in; provide insights into collateral usage; combat fraud; and analyze how Eltropy services are performing. Eltropy apps use other identifiers for similar purposes. Eltropy also uses web beacons to help deliver cookies and gather usage and performance data about our services. Our services may include web beacons and cookies from third-party service providers. Users have a variety of tools to control cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and delete cookies and controls from some third-party analytics service providers to opt out of data collection through web beacons. A user’s browser and other choices may impact experiences with our services.

Together We Can – Eltropy is Committed to Helping Credit Unions Best Serve Members During Covid-19

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