Faster Member Response Times


SELCO is an Oregon-based, member-owned, and community-focused financial institution providing banking, loans, mortgage, insurance, and investment services.

$ 1.1 Bn

Pain Point

TAT met exceeded strict industry averages (24-48 hours TAT)


Decrease time for loan application process and approvals to benefit both members and SELCO

How we Fixed things up?

Eltropy provided comprehensive training to the SELCO Lending Team and the integration was quick, the processes started to accelerate rapidly. 


The SELCO team was quick to learn Eltropy’s intuitive platform. The team also had access to testing prior to deployment to help familiarize themselves with the technology.

Initial Reactions

The team initially had very positive reactions to Eltropy’s platform. They liked the ability to help members in their preferred communication method. All-in-All, the Integration received a warm welcome.

Sarah Means

“Eltropy is easy to navigate and is a great use of technology to move our company forward and stay competitive in this day and age where members want quick service wherever they go.”​

Sarah Means

Loan Center Manager




Team members report that the communication is faster and they are able to move through the process and deliver value quickly. Response times are faster and members appear to be pleased with the new functionality

Looking ahead

Continue building a new communication channel for members to improve processing speed, functionality and service. If it does prove to be a more efficient method and produces tangible results, SELCO plans to encourage the member base to use it as a primary communication channel.

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